County Civil

County Civil ($5,001 to $15,000)

All matters involving claims ranging from $5,001 through $15,000 in damages, exclusive of interest, court costs, and attorney fees. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Mortgage foreclosures (less than $15,000)
  • Complaint for interpleader
  • Equity matters (monetary)
  • Matters involving claims ranging from $5,001 to $15,000

Motor Vehicle Act

For persons who have been quoted a certain price for auto repairs, the repairman will not release the car until an amount over the agreed-upon amount is paid. This is not to recover money but to get the automobile returned. To file the case, the amount of money needed to release the car must be paid to the Clerk to deposit into the court registry until the case is settled.

Other County Civil (non-monetary)

All other non-monetary civil matters not included in the previously described categories, but are not limited to county civil lawsuits involving:

  • Equity matters (non-monetary)
  • Injunctive relief (Attorney must file)
  • Declaratory judgments (Attorney must file)


All lawsuits pursuant to Chapter 78, Florida Statutes, involving claims up to $15,000.